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three hundred, sixty five

Three hundred and sixty five years ago, give or take an hour or two, Miranda and I pulled on our coats, grabbed a carefully pre-packed bag, and started what we thought would be a very short two block walk over to St. Luke’s hospital.  Forty minutes later, we finally made it to the ER entrance, having learned the hard way just how long it takes to walk two and a half blocks when one of you is having contractions every two to three minutes.

A few hours after that, a small human being emerged from my girlfriend.  The world has been spinning slightly askew ever since.  It’s been a hell of a year, and it’s only gonna get weirder from here on in.

Happy birthday, little girl.

(if the video above doesn’t play, click here.)

adventures in parenting

In no less than 18 years, she’ll probably kill me for this.

the first rule of baby club is, you don't talk about baby club


Over the weekend, we went to a peach/nectarine/apricot orchard out in the far east bay. This turned out to be an excellent excuse to take stupendously cute baby photos. If that floats your boat, enjoy!

the deluge continues

Yet more cute baby pictures; this batch off the SLR rather than the years-old point&shoot or the phone camera, so some of them are even “good” in an objective sense.

how did I get here?
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(Small warning: there’s one hilariously disturbing pair of images in there.  I’d say more, but it would spoil the surprise.  Don’t worry, it’s not the crowning.)

warren ellis sums it up

From an interview in Filament Magazine:

At what age is it best to crush a child’s dreams so that they have an easier time stepping in to the status quo?”

You fool. You do not do such things to children. A child is like a poison missile you aim at the Future. You encourage, fund and resource their dreams to the fullest extent of your capability, knowing that your reward will be the pain and misery of generations yet unborn.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re looking for cute baby pictures, there are many:

(click here)

just in case there was any doubt

…and to forestall and trump the obvious joke/question:

We apparently cannot blame the milkman.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Theda Marie

For reasons which are too annoying to mention at such a moment, all of the pictures I uploaded today were ended up in a locked album, which was less than useful.  That’s fixed now.  Say hello:


Born at 4:50am this morning, after roughly 22 hours of total labor, weighing 6lb 7oz, measuring 19.5 inches from stem to stern: welcome Theda Marie Hambro.

Miranda and Theda and I are all resting up at CalPac Medical Center, probably to go home on Wednesday. Pictures are here and on facebook.

boom tomorrow

Beloved girlfriend would appear to be in early- to mid-stage labor.  (7-minute-interval contractions for the last few hours.)  All signs point to baby sometime on the 30th.

You have somewhere between 12 and 24 hours to reach minimum safe distance.