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the purge continues

a purge of crappy sf

A quick purge of crappy sf/f paperbacks.  To borderlands we go!

Okay, obviously that’s slander: many of these are not crappy at all, but I don’t expect to re-read them and I need the shelf space back.

…well, except for the Piers Anthony.  Those are legitimately crap.

Oh, and “Preacher.”  Every single last one of you who recommended that rancid shit to me is FIRED.  Ahem.

(Yes, I’m still alive.  Hi!)

for science!

Homemade kimchee-jeon project: qualified success.  Needs more/better kimchee, actual griddle, actual kochu karu.  Clearly a shopping trip is warranted.

Homemade blueberry cabernet sorbet project: muah hah hah hah.  It’s alive, Igor, it’s aliiiiive!  (Seriously, I may have to make several gallons of this.)

that’s one fast nerd

Rocked Bay to Breakers: 57:08

Am I an athlete now?

dear lazyweb: personal finance software?

Dear Lazyweb:

Quicken?  Quicken Essentials?  Mint?  Moneydance?  GnuCash?  MS Money?  Some other thing I haven’t heard of?  Pimp your solutions at me, please: go!

In an ideal world, this would:

  • have an iPhone app interface, so I can quickly add in things like restaurant bills
  • do bill payment
  • interface with my various bank/retirement accounts
  • run on MacOS X if it’s not a pure-web solution