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how many surrealists does it take…

I’ve been predicting/hoping for years now that surrealist pranksters would take to using email spam as a method of art delivery.  And either my prayers have been answered, or someone has decided to get me one hell of an early birthday present:

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 21:33:46 -0700 
Subject: Your order N25184 for helicopter for the weekend 

Your order for our air transportation services has been taken and processed. The rotorcraft will be at your disposal from 11.00 p.m. saturday to 6.45 sunday. Once again, the rates are as follows:
1 hour in the air: 451$
Takeoff / Landing: 268$
1 hour standstill on the ground: 144$
Longest period in the air is 4 hours.
When flying for longer distances, a second pilot is needed, and the cost accordingly increases by 89$ per hour.
Invoice you will be find in the attachment.(Open with Internet Explorer Only)
With respect
Shiloh Hooks
MD5 check sum: 21333380726ce9aff5218ceb41807260

So…anyone wanna take a ride in my helicopter?