I may yet turn into a crazy person ranting on street corners

I’ve been trying very very very hard not to say much in public about the “Ground Zero Mosque” (which is not at ground zero and not a fucking mosque), because I find that it’s all too easy to go from zero to frothing angry maniac in about 0.0021 seconds when the subject comes up, and that’s always a drag at parties.  Breathe, breathe, it’s just the month’s round of American circle-jerk stupidity, it’ll be something else next month, no point getting worked up about it…

And yet.  And yet.  Through no fault of my own except that I occasionally make the mistake of turning on my computer and poking through the internets, I am confronted with statements like this:

“Rabbi Meyer May, the Wiesenthal Center’s executive director, tells Crain’s the proposed location is ‘insensitive’ to the families of 9/11 victims, adding that ‘religious freedom does not mean being insensitive…or an idiot. Religion is supposed to be beautiful [experience]. Why create pain in the name of religion?’”

Insensitive to the families of… okay, hold on a minute here while I go pound my face into the desk until my nose bleeds…

[pounding sounds]

Still here?  Good.  Now it’s a funny little thing, but I am apparently the last person on the face of the fucking earth who remembers that 9/11 was an actual event that happened to actual people in an actual city.  That city being New York City, a place where a more-or-less functional police and fire department did, in the aftermath, what police and fire departments are pretty much required to do when something blows up and kills people, which is identify the bodies.  And the names of the people who died on 9/11/01 are not unknown, not classified, and in fact you can look them up on this here internet thingy.

Here, let me google that for you!

So here I am, armed with nothing but a laptop, an internet connection, a search engine and two fucking brain cells to rub together, and I can already tell you, from a quick glance, that among the names of the people who died in lower Manhattan that day, there are:

Three people with “Mohammed” as their first or last name.

One person named “Ahmed”.

One “Shah.”

One “Shahid.”

One “Khalif.”

Two people named “Khan”.

One “Suleman”.

…and at this point I got bored, because actually only a complete moron would have assumed that it was possible to kill three thousand random civilians in downtown Manhattan without several of them being Muslim, because duh.

So tell me, Rabbi May, just how far away from Ground Zero should the families, friends and co-religionists of those victims stay in order to make you feel warm and fuzzy?  And while you’re contemplating important questions, could you please kindly go fuck yourself?

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