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Apparently you can get all the way through journalism school, work your way up through the ranks, become an editor — perhaps even editor-in-chief! — at a renowned institution such as Time Magazine, and still not understand the difference between the past, present and future tenses.


Over the weekend, we went to a peach/nectarine/apricot orchard out in the far east bay. This turned out to be an excellent excuse to take stupendously cute baby photos. If that floats your boat, enjoy!

Baby’s First Pride

There’s nothing quite like bringing an infant child of your own to Pride to make you feel just a wee bit heteronormative. Nonetheless, we went — and were rewarded with far more awesome things to look at than in years past. Special thanks to all SF Pride participants who realized that civic recognition of gay pit bull owners (and oh yes: they had a parade section of their own) is all well and good, but hot shirtless guys dancing on floats is better.