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two steps forward, three steps back

The (more or less) complete list of things that constantly annoy me about my iPhone that are apparently not going to be fixed in version 4.0:

  • Ugly, modal, history-less, illegible alert dialogs. 
    • In fact, with “local alerts” subbing in for any sort of actual IPC, this is going to get much, much worse.
  • No custom SMS/calendar/voicemail alert sounds.  (Seriously.  In 2010.) 
    • This is a double failure: you can’t add any alert sounds to the built-in ten (nearly all of which are awful), and you can’t assign alert sounds per user/calendar.
  • No Google Voice support, nor apparently will there ever be.
  • No third-party email apps.  (Which means no proper Gmail support except via the slow-as-hell webapp, but also means that whatever feature you might want, if Apple doesn’t think it’s worth putting into Mobile, it’s never going to happen.)
  • No OTA sync, no wifi sync.
  • No way to customize the lock or home screen contents.

Dealbreakers?  Maybe.  God it’s a pity that Palm appears to be in a death-spiral right now: their OS is nice, but the hardware is half-baked and overdue for a major revision.  Android is crawling toward usability, but the Nexus One’s softbuttons are the devil’s work.  Pity nobody in the US seems to be selling the HTC Desire except on the grey market yet…

always read the fine print, baby

Poor, poor Sanjay Gupta.  When he signed on as CNN’s medical correspondent, it must have seemed like an incredible deal: he’d visit far and distant lands (Iraq, Louisiana), report back incredible stories and generally raise America’s consciousness of both the scientific and political aspects of medicine.

How could he have possibly known that this would also require him to provide live, minute-by-minute commentary on the growing puddle of blood at the base of Bret Michaels’ (for lack of a better word) brain?

(Cross-reference under: “things I would never have known if not for the TVs in the gym.”)