pop quiz, hotshots

If you describe yourself as an “independent” voter, please state three ways in which your political beliefs differ strongly from the published platform of both the Democratic and Republican party, at either the state (your state, that is) or national level.  (Award yourself a gold star if you can do this without having to look up the platforms in order to do so.)

Stipulation: you must actually use the term “independent” as your primary political self-designation.  For the purposes of this question, neither libertarian, green, communist, socialist, fascist noranarchist is considered to be a synonym for “independent.”

Extra credit question: are you actually registered as independent/unaffiliated, or are you registered with a party and if so which one and why?

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1) I think we should withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other country we have troops and bases in, with the possible exception of some navel bases in some of the Caribbean Islands, reduce our military spending by about 3/4ths, and our troop levels to something similar.

2) We ought to bomb nuclear enrichment sites and missile bases and in North Korean and Iraq (and Chinese and Pakistani and India and a couple of other nations as well).

3) We should pass a balanced budget amendment. No exceptions. Ever.

4) We should pass an amendment that required a 3/4ths majority to increase taxes. And a 1/4th minority to lower them.

5) We should repeal the Patriot Act.

6) We should repeal the 18th Amendment (the one that provides for direct election of Senators) and go back to have them be appointed by the states — to stop the Federal Government from continually increasing it’s power relative to the states.

7) We should eliminate progressive taxation. Or stipulate no voting rights if you don’t pay a proportional amount of taxation.

I could think of some more pretty easy.

8) All detainees at Guantanamo to be tried immediately or released.

9) Everyone at every level of government who had any role in torture to be arrested and tried immediately. Long jail sentences for all.

10) All drugs to be legalized, taxed, and regulated.

11) Anyone who is in jail on a drug charge to be released immediately

12) 100% tariff on all imports from China until they let the yuan float relative to the dollar.

13) Any stockholder of a public company be allowed to nominate a candidate for election to the board of directors for the company. Any candidate for the board of directors who receives votes of less than 50% of the outstanding shares is not elected.

14) Any shareholder of a public company can submit a proposal to be voted on in the proxy. Shareholder proposals that receive more 50% of the votes shall be binding on the management.

Think I sound like a closet Democrat, better add in

15) School vouchers to be implemented immediately for anyone who wants them. No requirements that the teachers at the private school have graduated from ‘teacher’s training’ or any nonsense like that.

16) No Federal Health Care. Remove Tax breaks for businesses for providing health care insurance as a benefit. Repeal Medicare.

17) Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act

18) Make all Public Unions illegal. In fact make all unions illegal. (collective barganing is collusion to set prices, and restraint of trade).

and just to be fair

19) Break up any company with more than a couple of 1000 employees under the anti-trust acts

I think I am registered as a Democrat, because I want to be able to vote in the primaries. But, that is because the state I live in tends to elect Democrats in the general elections. If I lived in a state that tended to elect Republicans in the general election, I would change my registration to Republican, for the same reason. Not that it matters. I can’t find anyone who I agree with on even half of the issues anyway. If I find someone who agrees with me on some stuff, I violently disagree with them on other stuff. It’s depressing. Especially since I am right and they are wrong… ;-)

But WHY do you want to know?