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pop quiz, hotshots

If you describe yourself as an “independent” voter, please state three ways in which your political beliefs differ strongly from the published platform of both the Democratic and Republican party, at either the state (your state, that is) or national level.  (Award yourself a gold star if you can do this without having to look up the platforms in order to do so.)

Stipulation: you must actually use the term “independent” as your primary political self-designation.  For the purposes of this question, neither libertarian, green, communist, socialist, fascist noranarchist is considered to be a synonym for “independent.”

Extra credit question: are you actually registered as independent/unaffiliated, or are you registered with a party and if so which one and why?

needed: one structural engineer

Dear lazyweb:

For reasons which I swear to god make perfect sense, I have a sudden need to briefly employ the services of a licensed structural engineer in New York City.  If you are this person or know such a person, please drop me a line.

now that that’s over with

Now that it’s all over but the recriminations, allow me to lead with a recrimination:

Martha Coakley is a despicable human being and was a terrible candidate.  (She remains the former now that she is no longer the latter.)  Any political party who’s all-over success hinges on elevating a contemptible hack like her to higher office deserves every bit of failure it receives.

Can’t anyone here play this game?