Well, that certainly sucked.

So remember hearing about that Wordpress worm that swallowed half the blogosphere last month?  Yeah, well, funny story: it worked just as well on ancient, hacked-nigh-to-death versions of b2/cafelog such as the one that blahg.blank.org used to be.

After several days of frenzied cleanup on my server, I surveyed the damage, considered my repair options, and said: fuck this noise.  So the blahg, and blank.org in general, have been given a thorough php-ectomy.  We’re now running on byteflow, a blog engine written in python/django.  

You don’t actually care about this, unless you’ve linked to an old post of mine, or if you keep track of me via an RSS feed.  To the former, I’m slowly importing all of the old content, but it remains to be seen if I can actually make the old-style links ever work again.  To the latter, you’re just boned, and you’re going to need to re-subscribe at the new feed URL, which is: here.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled diet of funny cat pictures.

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