a small plea

Okay, I am officially casting myself on the mercy of my friends here. Many of you are very very smart. Hopefully one of you will have a clue, for I am totally stumped.

My journal is mirrored from a local blog that I run on my own server: http://blahg.blank.org. I use ‘s excellent YABBOB blog software to maintain it, and it generallly does a fab job of it.

There’s one and only one problem: for no reason that I have yet been able to determine, the CSS for the site does not render in KHTML-based browsers, namely Safari for MacOS X and Konqueror for Linux/KDE. What that means is that under any other browser, my blog page looks sylistically similar to my static web page, but that under Safari, the blog is just plain black-and-white text, with no formatting at all.

Netscape, Mozilla and even freakin’ IE5 all manage to display the site correctly, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why Safari won’t. If any of my oh-so-brilliant friends have a clue, I’d love to hear it.

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It sure looks awfully purple to me in safari
Someone on the LJ side figured out the problem: the base href was, uh, wrong. The real mystery is how IE and Mozilla ever managed to figure it out.