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ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Mary Cyn

Better late than never.


Using flickr for this gallery, since I shudder to imagine what my bandwidth bill would look like if I started hosting these shots on my own site.

last one of the night, I promise

One night in early October, I got off the nerd bus at 24th & Mission to see that a bit of a crowd had formed. What they were watching was a dance recital…

…on the side of a building. A completely vertical building, on the wall over a suddenly-incongruous take-away Chinese restaurant.

It turned out to be The Live Billboard Project by Flyaway Productions, who apparently do this sort of thing on a regular basis. Have I mentioned that I like my new neighborhood?

Once again… low light and people in motion, so some of these turned out better than others.

the day of several days after the day of the dead

Fruitvale, CA, a town just south of Oakland in the east bay, held its Day of the Dead celebration, allegedly the largest outside of Mexico, on November 5th, 2006, which was technically several days after the actual Day of the Dead, but conveniently a Saturday so that we could actually attend. We were joined by and .

squirrel, grass, apples

This one goes behind a cut because it’s a little gross. If small dead animals (no gore, just a dead critter) wig you out, move along.

One afternoon quite recently, I was standing on a street corner in Mountain View, waiting for my bus, when I noticed something small and furry at the base of a nearby tree, not moving. Walking toward the tree to investigate, it became very obvious that it was a dead squirrel, who by the looks of him had fallen out of the tree. Lying about three feet from the ex-squirrel was a half-eaten apple, which was strange enough (understand that both squirrel and apple were lying on an otherwise spotlessly groomed lawn), but when I got close enough to the tree, I immediately spotted another dead squirrel, lying on the other side.

Needless to say, I gave the apple a wide berth. You don’t fuck with the queen of the squirrels.

the photoposting deathmarch begins

This one will pretty much only be of interest to friends & family, so it goes behind the cut…

all the damn vampires

One more before I go to bed:

The Santa Monica pier is in every way the L.A. counter-weight to Coney Island. There’s a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a bunch of shake-the-kids rides, some semi-rigged carnival games and even a Playland. There’s fishermen, swimmers, sand, ocean and salt spray. All the same ingredients, on the other side of this very wide country of ours, like they followed me all the way out here. But it’s completely California: everything’s clean and well-tended and looks like it was built last year. It probably was built last year.

Nowhere else do I feel so clearly the distance I have travelled in the last ten months.

wonder wheel

now, now, the lights go out


The moral of this story is that if I want to do concert photography, I’m going to have to break down and buy (and learn to use) a SLR camera at long last. The fog machine at DNA made it impossible to take flash shots, and my poor little Canon is basically not capable of taking low-light photos fast enough to not turn a working band into a blur. Oh well, a couple of the shots at least came out okay.

kill me now

The good news: I have finally, with a combination of A Better Finder Rename, Automator and a smidgen of Applescript, replicated my preferred photo management workflow entirely inside of OSX/iPhoto, a task that I’ve been meaning to complete for over a year now, and which was pretty much the last obstacle remaining before giving myself a complete linuxectomy at home.

The bad news: since I’ve been kinda laming out on getting my photo backlog properly sorted, cropped, retouched and posted until I’d gotten the aforementioned thing done, that means that I now have to go through damn near every photo I’ve taken in 2006, which as of the last count is approximately 1,100 of the damn things.

Well, I guess I know what I’m spending some of my holiday doing.

good morning america

From my commute this morning:

Marchers gathering at 24th and Mission; 9am
(click to enlarge)