So: another goddamn weblog. Just what the world needed, eh?

This is a repository for things I write. I make no guarantee that it will be interesting, amusing or even comprehensible for third parties. No user serviceable parts inside. No warranty expressed or implied.

I'm not strictly pseudonomous, and in fact my real name is only a few clicks away at any point, but I've been 'Doctor Memory' for so long in so many forums that it's practically my other name now. Yes, that is twee, precious and self-indulgent. Cope. It's a reference to the Firesign Theatre's "I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus" if you care about these things.

This is not a "political blog", or a "lifestyle blog", or a "technology blog" or any such self-referential hall of mirrors. I write as the urge strikes me. That said, being a confirmed lover of classification for classification's sake, I've divided the site up into a number of categories, so if you want to pretend that I'm a single-issue monomaniac, you can procure a reasonable simulation of that experience pretty easily. At present time, the categories are:

  Notes on the site itself.
  Self-indulgent links to my latest attempts at photography
  War, politics and other combustables.
  The internet: nice place to live, but would you want to visit?
  My muse, my (former) home, my endless source of amusement.
  In which I succumb to Californication.
  In which your humble author succumbs to and/or mercilessly mocks peer pressure.
  Television, movies, games and porn: one cranky boy versus all of pop culture.
  Adventures in the technology trade.
  Carcinogenic levels of self-analysis.
  Walkabouts and disappearing acts.
  Cute baby pictures, because against all odds I produced a cute baby.
  I crack myself up elsewhere; you read it here.
  None of the above.

I make no claim at all to deep technical expertise or formal training in any of the above (or other) areas, except the technology/internet stuff, which is pretty much what I do for a living, and you'll quickly notice that the geeky bits are the topics I talk about the least, because they are really pretty deadly dull. I speak ex recto frequently. Factual corrections happily accepted at all times.

This log is mirrored at LiveJournal, and that's where most of the post-posting discussion happens. "But Doctor," I hear you say, "Livejournal is icky! Blogger is where the action is at! LiveJournal is all 14-year-olds talking about crushes and goths talking about their depression!" Not to put too fine a point on it, but you're wrong, and you're an idiot. If you're too cool for school, that's fine, but it doesn't mean I'm going to suffer through Blogger's pathetic excuse for a user interface on your account.

That said, do feel free to comment on the site directly if you don't feel like doing the LJ thing. Abusive posts will, of course, be deleted, and the definition of acceptable content is decided by my whim alone.

Yes, I am often this cranky-sounding in real life. Yes, my mom knows about this website. (Hi, mom!) No, I will not do your homework for you. Yes, I have friends despite my attitude problem. They're both very nice people.

Get off my lawn, you damn kids.