dear lazyweb: pimp me on your iphone headphones

I am, apparently, a slow learner.  Three-plus years of replacing the Apple-supplied earbuds in my ears every ten paces when they fall out is quite enough, I think.  So, my omniscient readers, pimp me your headphones.  Here are my meagre qualifications:

  1. Must be relatively small and lightweight.  I’m not necessarily married to the earbud form-factor, but this will be for walking around in, and I already look ridiculous enough on my own without adding a set of enormous cans to the ensemble.  So Grado SR-60s are probably out.
  2. Must be comfortable, duh.
  3. Must stay put.  If they fall off any time I walk faster than a saunter, they’re no improvement on the status quo.  But that said…
  4. …no in-ear earbuds.  I already have (and love) a set of Etymotics, but anything that blocks out that much external sound is, IMHO, simply not safe for urban maneuvering.  If a car is coming up behind me quickly, I need to have a fighting chance of hearing it.
  5. Must function as a full iPhone headset: minimally there needs to be a mic and an answer/hangup button.  Volume control would be nice, but isn’t essential.
  6. I don’t pretend to be an audiophile, and we’re talking about listening to mp3s here, but given those caveats it’d still be nice if they sounded good.  Decent but not overwhelming bass response would be helpful given my taste in music.

Needless to say, I would also like a pony.  Lay it on me.

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