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As has been noted in a few venues, 2008 was the year that VHS finally died. The last commercial distributor is closing out his inventory: whatever isn’t sold by the end of the year is going into a landfill somewhere, to be missed by no one. The format that remade the movie industry and launched commercial pornography out of the dark cinemas and into everyone’s home was always a bit of a botch technically, and when the DVD came along, people fell over themselves to replace their old tape collections.

Other people have done the elegies for this inelegant piece of technology far better than I have, so I’ll restrict myself to noting one utterly hilarious thing: according to the above-linked article in the L.A. Times, the last film released on VHS was David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence in 2006.

Yes, the last videotape ever released was from the same man who directed Videodrome.

Ladies and gentlemen: the new flesh is dead. Long live the new flesh.

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Put in perspective, analog TV will have outlived VHS by two months.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

I need to hold a wake for analog TV.
A bunch of folks associated with the Long Now Foundation are actually doing just that in February in SF: they've invited people to bring their old analog TVs to a warehouse, and they're going to try to get them all wired up and turned on in time to see them all snowcrash at 2am.