people, please

Let’s just nip this one in the bud right now shall we?

That rumor going around (and I am not linking to it and thus raising its pagerank, thankyou) that Sarah Palin’s pregnancy while in office was some kind of convoluted cover-up for her teenage daughter being pregnant?

It is, as the French say, bull-sheet:
(edit: if you find that unconvincing, try here)

Palin is a public figure. Her officially published photos are selected — by her press office — to make her look good. They are without doubt heavily retouched. If you make any conclusion about what she actually looks like from them… let’s just say you may be mislead.

The account that published this nonsense as a dairy entry, “ArcXIX”, has posted exactly one other entry in the last four years, back in 2004. This is a hijacked account, people. I will bet you any amount of money that this is, in fact, a Karl Rove Turdblossom Special, designed to:

(a) sucker dailykos into a massive libel suit, and

(b) set the agenda for the media, again, for another three-month-long circle jerk about what a terrible, terrible human being Markos Whathisface is, and thereby:

(c) distract from the real Palin scandal.

And even if I lose that bet and it’s just some random bozo ranting into the wires? It’s still bullshit. See the link.

(preemptive apologies to the multiple people on my flist who linked to the story: I still love you. Hell, I got excited about it too for the first half hour or so. But let’s please please please not hand a loaded gun to our enemies, okay?)

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