Sadly for my ability to tell further tales of geek commerce frustration, but happily for my ability to, you know, make and receive phone calls, yesterday’s story ended rather anticlimactically: I walked into the AT&T Store at 20th & Mission, and hadn’t even gotten a quarter of the way into my tale of woe when the support rep there kindly cut me off: “oh, right, you need to do a relocation and port!” Apparently this is common enough that the people there have done it before. An awesomely competent young woman named Monica wrote a few details down on a post-it note, told me to hang loose while she went in back and made some phone calls, and about 40 minutes later it was all over: I didn’t even have to wait 6 hours for the port to complete. She even wished me a happy pre-birthday. I think I may have to take back at least half a few dozen bad things I’ve said about AT&T.

Of course, it’s still a little sad that if they’re aware enough of this scenario to be able to quickly fix it that it still happens in the first place, but considering that my first job out of college was actually at AT&T, where I was paid $10/hour to take fan-fold dot matrix printouts from one database and type portions of it into another database… well, it’s just not that surprising.

(That job is more or less responsible for the strange thing I call my ‘career’ today. After two weeks of possibly the most intense tedium that I have ever encountered as a human being, I finally found one of the floppy disks that the printouts were being made from, and taught myself enough MS Access BASIC to write an import program. Two months later, they finally noticed that despite the fact that the database kept getting populated I appeared to be spending all of my time reading, and one of the IT staff there gave me the name of a tech recruiter: a month later, I had my job at BBN. For all I know, that program may still be in production use there.)

So yeah, I can has iPhone. It’s shiny!

Also: happy birthday to , , and the eternally blogless but still awesome Hurricane Kari! Oh yeah, and to me.

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