apparently I am google

For some reason, I get a lot of wrong-number SMS messages. Sometimes they’re explicable: it made perfect, if annoying sense that I’d get text messages from teenagers in area code 817 (Dallas, TX) since my phone number is in 718. Sometimes, however, they made so little sense as to make me suspect that Verizon was just completely mis-delivering messages.

Case in point, from the day before yesterday:

425-765-6XXX: Circa 1980’s music video done in black & white, guy in coffee shop & gets pulled into newspaper comic strip then crumpled up & thrown away?

Me: “Take On Me” by A-Ha. …btw, who is this?

425-765-6XXX: So sorry! Have no idea how u got this message, was sent to 1 person on contact list of which u r not one. Must have been glitch, but thank u very much for info!

Me: happy to help!
I guess it was just lucky that this person’s message got delivered to someone with an encyclopedic memory of early-80s MTV programming.

Area code 425 is apparently northern Washington state. I have no idea.

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