A number of people have, quite reasonably, said something along the lines of “jesus you’re an overly verbose bastard. I kinda liked your travelogues, but I’m going to have to catch up on them later.” And it’s true: I wrote way too much.

So for those of you who were planning on going back and reading it during some hypothetical future moment of leisure that may or may not ever come, I have helpfully provided a one-stop shop:


And now, at long last, you get to hear me STFU about this damn trip, for which the rest of the world is undoubtedly grateful.

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Speaking as one who read, I think, every single word, and enjoyed the entire thing, the only way you "wrote way too much" is if it infringed on your time and enjoyment of your trip and your lovely companion. Anyone who says otherwise is just talking sour grapes and you can politely tell them to STFU.