oh no, here comes tokyo

Japan so far: living up to obvious expectations quickly. In the 2 hours it took us to get from Narita to our hotel, we have already seen:

  • embossed hello kitty luggage
  • a bored-looking otaku on the Keisai train solving a rubiks cube… one-handed.
  • a fashionable young man wearing a t-shirt with an incomprehensible English slogan: “Don’t Be Influenced by Feeling Black Lady”, over an image of a (white) young woman in photonegative
  • a building with the words “Ritchie Blackmore” emblazoned on the front for no discernible reason whatsoever
  • a hotel room (ours) so small that it’s necessary for one person to be on the bed (or outside of the room) for another person to get from the door to the desk

We are at the moment at the Sakura Hotel in Jimbocho, which appears to be a cute little backpacker-oriented place. The room… well, I’ll try to take a picture of it, but it might have to be from the hallway to get the full effect.

I am, as predicted, somewhere on the loopy side of jetlagged. My body’s clock is somewhere over the middle of the Atlantic ocean, but the rest of me is in the middle of the Pacific. We’ll see how long I can manage to remain upright.

Tomorrow morning: Tsukiji, and the madness begins in earnest.

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