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I hiked up a mountain today. A small mountain, but a mountain nonetheless. Probably doing this with my laptop in my backpack was not the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but there you go: along with several of my coworkers, I walked straight from Waffenplatzstrasse all the way to the summit of the Uetliberg, which has a rather nice restaurant and an observation tower from which (if you don’t mind climbing 15 flights of steps after having just walked up a mountain) you can see some amazing panoramas of the city and countryside. Sadly it was too hazy to see the alps in the distance, but I managed a few decent photos nonetheless.

the path up the mountain

…which went on for a while

looking back down the path

me looking like a gormless tourist
on the observation tower at the summit

sunset over Z├╝rich

Then because I hadn’t abused my legs enough for one day, we walked down the mountain as well. This turned out to be substantially trickier than going up: we took a different, gravel-strewn path, and it was consistently steep enough to make staying upright both difficult and hard on the knees.

But we got back into town just in time for me to head into the river plaza area to see how insane things would be when an actual game was going on. And about 5 minutes after I got there… well, either Germany won the semifinal or they annexed Switzerland. Either way, a lot of German flags, shouting and honking going on. It was pretty pleasantly insane.

germany wins it

And now, your intrepid narrator falls over.

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