Daily Show: 1, my workout: 0

On a good day, if the timing works out, I like to be in the gym and on the elliptical machine by 5pm sharp. It’s for a simple reason: the machines have TVs that carry Comedy Central, and if I’m on them at 5pm, I can watch last night’s Daily Show as I work out, which makes the whole experience move by a lot faster.

…or at least that’s how it usually works. Yesterday, however, this happened:

(warning: extremely juvenile humor)

It turns out that it’s really hard to keep a good cadence going on an elliptical machine while you are choking with laughter. It also turns out that people look at you really oddly when you have a near-epileptic crack-up in the gym.

I made it until about the 3:45 mark before I had to stop and get off the machine because I was in danger of falling off it.

Well played, Mister Oliver. You win this round.

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