snow white, hooks, apples

In August of 2007, I got to help put on her final performance piece for her studies at the California Institute for Integral Studies. The piece was, well, I’ll let her describe:

“Snow White Lies in Wait” was meant to explore the evolution of myth as a community building tool designed to reflect and adapt to the lives of the tellers, to a static medium (i.e. through books and movies) appropriated by the aristocratic bourgeoisie as a didactic tool used to impart moral lessons and capitalist ideology. The piece involved hanging 20 apples from hooks pierced through my legs.
Yours truly and Melissa Gira did gofer and photo/video work, while two professional piercers handled the more delicate aspects of the performance.

Just in case the last bit didn’t register: this photoset involves blood, needles, and hooks in flesh. (Also the abuse of unsuspecting produce.) There’s no actual nudity, but I’m guessing it’s probably not worksafe in most cases regardless. And did I mention the flesh-hooks? If that sort of thing is unpleasant for you, for the love of god pass on.

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