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tis the season

Happy half-price chocolate day, everyone!


I mostly stopped talking about politics here sometime a few years ago. A good leavening of despair over the 2004 election results, combined with the growing realization that not only does basically nobody care what I think about the issue du jour, but more importantly I don’t have the time or the inclination to put in the effort to make myself over into Yet Another C-list blogger who might convince, oh, entire dozens of people to give a shit about my opinion, and… yeah, lots more posts about my cats. For the best, I think.

So I’m going to say this very quickly and immediately get back to my normal routine here: if you haven’t voted yet today, consider not rewarding failure.

3,500 and counting dead Americans. To the nearest probable estimate, half a million and counting dead Iraqis. (Well, except that we very deliberately stopped counting.) Nearly half a trillion dollars tossed into the bonfire so far. No WMD, no emerging democracy, and no end in sight.

Anyone who voted in favor of this atrocity isn’t fit to be dogcatcher. She did. End of discussion.

(If you’re one of my few friends voting in the republican primary… um… have fun?)

Now, back to my cats.