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rattle and hum


Well now. I’ve never seen a building do that before. Especially not from the inside.

What was “that?” The Wave, apparently.

This sort of thing will shake a man’s faith in “solid” objects.

computer-aided hilarity


So I normally never much care for the results of the omnipresent “let our crappy algorithm decide which 5 celebrities your photo sort of looks like if you squint!” tests, but this one was too hilarious not to share:

It’s funny enough that it only found one male “celebrity” (and who the hell is Eddie Kaye Thomas anyway?) that it thought I looked like. But Charisma Carpenter and Grace Kelly?! I am so far beyond flattered that I suspect this site’s programmers are trying to get into my pants. And for the record, I think it may have succeeded. Call me anytime, dears.

(And for bonus weirdness points, I once dated someone named Krista Allen in college. Funny old world.)

Edit: Eddie Kaye Thomas appears to be an American character actor who’s not really “famous”, but who’s been in a ton of stuff, some of it reasonably good. He was Rosenberg in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, so I’ll take it as a compliment.

waiting for lemony napkins

Sitting on a plane… our second plane, in Charlotte, NC. Plane #1 had a stuck valve. This one is missing a seal on the wing leading edge. Presumably the clock is ticking on our flight crew’s shift, and then the real fun begins.

A woman a seat in front of me is trying to incite her coworkers to start chanting for drinks. I’m trying to figure an angle of approach for a quick garroting: judging by the expression on the flight attendent’s face the last time someone asked about drink tickets, chanting would bring a completely justified response involving shotguns, and I’d have a hard time getting out of the line of fire fast enough.

Pray for me.