best birthday ever?

The presents just keep coming:

Senator Ted “Bridge to Nowhere”, “A Series of Tubes”, “No! No! No” Stevens’ (R-Alaska) home raided by the FBI and IRS.

Articles of impeachment to be filed against Alberto “I don’t remember, I don’t recall, I’ve got no memory of anything at all” Gonzales.

Rupert “Evil Incarnate” Murdoch’s bid for the Wall Street Journal suddenly in trouble.

Dear Elvis: whatever it was I did this last year that you liked so much, I promise to do three times as much of it this year.

(It’s tempting to list John “Bong Hits 4 Strained Appeals to Strict Constructionism” Roberts seizures in the same breath, but even I have my limits for ghoulish obnoxiousness. I wish him a speedy recovery— although if he were to consider the benefits of a lower-stress job, that would of course be lovely.)

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