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best birthday ever?

The presents just keep coming:

Senator Ted “Bridge to Nowhere”, “A Series of Tubes”, “No! No! No” Stevens’ (R-Alaska) home raided by the FBI and IRS.

Articles of impeachment to be filed against Alberto “I don’t remember, I don’t recall, I’ve got no memory of anything at all” Gonzales.

Rupert “Evil Incarnate” Murdoch’s bid for the Wall Street Journal suddenly in trouble.

Dear Elvis: whatever it was I did this last year that you liked so much, I promise to do three times as much of it this year.

(It’s tempting to list John “Bong Hits 4 Strained Appeals to Strict Constructionism” Roberts seizures in the same breath, but even I have my limits for ghoulish obnoxiousness. I wish him a speedy recovery— although if he were to consider the benefits of a lower-stress job, that would of course be lovely.)

adulthood, apparently, feels like crusty contact lenses

For most of my life, I was the only person I knew who was born on July 30th. (Well, except for Kate Bush, but “knew of” doesn’t really qualify as “know.”)

Then suddenly, all in the last 5 years, I’ve acquired not one, not two, but three friends with the exact same birthday as me. And somehow, they are all stunningly beautiful and generally kickass women. I am taking this as personal validation of my good taste and excellent timing. So happy birthday to , and the blogless but no less awesome Hurricane Kari.

And, of course, happy birthday to me. 35 years and still successfully avoiding the trappings of maturity, but yet with an awesome partner, a wonderful lover, a great job and the best friends in the known universe. I guess this is the long strange trip they warned us all about. No regrets, no complaints.

on a wing and an oh dear god

Being an obsessive-compulsive completeist, but a profoundly lazy one, I pre-ordered the last Harry Potter book from Amazon a few months ago, and promptly stopped worrying about it. Today, this shows up on my desk at work:

If I did not work for a company made out of 100% pure nerdiness, I think I would be dying of embarrassment right now. As it is, I’m merely mortified.