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down in a hole

The old National Guard Armory in San Francisco’s Mission District had sat idle for over 40 years. It passed from buyer to buyer and plan to plan: condos, offices, dot-com datacenter: all failed to do anything with the building in the face of withering neighborhood opposition.

…until now. In early 2007, Kink.Com, a proud (and very, very profitable) purveyor of S&M-themed internet smut, bought the Armory for a relative pittance from the previous dejected developer.

Leaky pipes? Long, echoing, forboding hallways? Dank, ill-lit basements? All terrible problems for the would-be real-estate mogul, but a match made in heaven for the new owner: minimal upgrades were necessary to make it into the dream dungeon.

On February 23rd, Kink.Com held their regular Friday happy hour at the Armory for the first time, and were gracious enough to invite friends and family of their employees along to tour their new home and take copious pictures of what for the last few decades has been one of San Francisco’s most hidden landmarks.

A few more of my favorites behind the cut…

that's water: an underground river
A river runs through it…

2007-02-23 21.34.07
Any resemblance to the Half-Life games is entirely coincidental

I feel cleaner already!
I feel cleaner already!


a little bile before bed

Like stalking and assaulting women? Don’t like going to jail for it? The city of Irvine, California has just the job for you: police officer.


Ladies and gentlemen: mark 31 January 2007 as the day that the Global War on Terror™ made that final jump from “tragedy” to “farce” in a single brilliant display of paranoia, stupidity, cascading overreactions and hilarious fumbling justifications.

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