the most dangerous game

I would have sworn this was a hoax if someone had just told me about it over coffee, but here it is on

Militia OK’d to Shoot Poachers in Africa

In an effort to save the last large piece of pristine savanna in Africa, a band of Wyoming conservationists have received permission from the president of the Central African Republic (CAR) to raise an anti-poaching militia to patrol the eastern fourth of the Texas-size country. Led by Bruce Hayse, a family practitioner from Jackson, the group intends to drive out marauding gangs of Sudanese poachers who are rapidly decimating the region’s wildlife and terrorizing villagers. The conservationists have been given shoot-on-sight authority. (—More—)
Uh, holy crap.

I gotta say… if I were ever diagnosed with something terminal, that sounds like an excellent way to spend my last few months.

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