squirrel, grass, apples

This one goes behind a cut because it’s a little gross. If small dead animals (no gore, just a dead critter) wig you out, move along.

One afternoon quite recently, I was standing on a street corner in Mountain View, waiting for my bus, when I noticed something small and furry at the base of a nearby tree, not moving. Walking toward the tree to investigate, it became very obvious that it was a dead squirrel, who by the looks of him had fallen out of the tree. Lying about three feet from the ex-squirrel was a half-eaten apple, which was strange enough (understand that both squirrel and apple were lying on an otherwise spotlessly groomed lawn), but when I got close enough to the tree, I immediately spotted another dead squirrel, lying on the other side.

Needless to say, I gave the apple a wide berth. You don’t fuck with the queen of the squirrels.

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