all the damn vampires

One more before I go to bed:

The Santa Monica pier is in every way the L.A. counter-weight to Coney Island. There’s a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a bunch of shake-the-kids rides, some semi-rigged carnival games and even a Playland. There’s fishermen, swimmers, sand, ocean and salt spray. All the same ingredients, on the other side of this very wide country of ours, like they followed me all the way out here. But it’s completely California: everything’s clean and well-tended and looks like it was built last year. It probably was built last year.

Nowhere else do I feel so clearly the distance I have travelled in the last ten months.

wonder wheel

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I'd been waiting to see this effect and now finally have... your server says I suck for trying to view your photos via bloglines :-)