fearful symmetry

Well, it’s finally happened. The sheer amount of spam that my mail server gets has reached the point where not only is the spam itself nearly overwhelming my network bandwidth, but all of the clever anti-spam crap I run on the server is crushing the CPU.

I’m working on a New Clever Trick to deal with this, but mail to and from my domains (blank.org, sneaker.net, etc) is going to be kinda crappily slow for the next few days at least, as will access to any of the websites hosted there.

Even better, Gmail has apparently decided that my server is a spam source, so all mail from my users to gmail accounts is getting tagged as spam. Luckily, I can personally harrasss the anti-spam team there, so that might get resolved sooner.

Remember: kneecapping spammers is the holiday gift that keeps on giving.

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