gotta lay off the sauce

Okay, I obviously totally overindulged myself last night. I didn’t think I’d drunk too much, but I had these absoltuely amazing, completely vivid, totally fucked up dreams, which is always a good sign that I’ve had a few too many.

The dreams were intensely surreal. Like, check this out: I dreamt that the democratic party — OUR democratic party, mind you, the one that Howard Dean runs, not the normal dreamtime Democratic Party that’s run by a triumvirate of FDR, Corazon Aquino and Salma Hayek — took back the house by gaining like 30 seats in a single election. And right before the alarm went off and I woke up, it seemed like we were pretty close to taking the senate too.

Weird, I know. But in the dream it was totally plausible: it was one of those full-color jobs where you absolutely think you’re awake. I even posted to livejournal in my dream, which makes me an incredible nerd.

No more booze on a weeknight for me, I think. I can’t handle that level of weirdness in my own head.

So, right. while I go search for my coffee, who’d Bush declare war on today, and how many Democrats voted for it? I like to get the day’s bad news out of the way early, so don’t let me down easy, I’m a big boy.

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