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all the damn vampires

One more before I go to bed:

The Santa Monica pier is in every way the L.A. counter-weight to Coney Island. There’s a roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a bunch of shake-the-kids rides, some semi-rigged carnival games and even a Playland. There’s fishermen, swimmers, sand, ocean and salt spray. All the same ingredients, on the other side of this very wide country of ours, like they followed me all the way out here. But it’s completely California: everything’s clean and well-tended and looks like it was built last year. It probably was built last year.

Nowhere else do I feel so clearly the distance I have travelled in the last ten months.

wonder wheel

now, now, the lights go out


The moral of this story is that if I want to do concert photography, I’m going to have to break down and buy (and learn to use) a SLR camera at long last. The fog machine at DNA made it impossible to take flash shots, and my poor little Canon is basically not capable of taking low-light photos fast enough to not turn a working band into a blur. Oh well, a couple of the shots at least came out okay.

kill me now

The good news: I have finally, with a combination of A Better Finder Rename, Automator and a smidgen of Applescript, replicated my preferred photo management workflow entirely inside of OSX/iPhoto, a task that I’ve been meaning to complete for over a year now, and which was pretty much the last obstacle remaining before giving myself a complete linuxectomy at home.

The bad news: since I’ve been kinda laming out on getting my photo backlog properly sorted, cropped, retouched and posted until I’d gotten the aforementioned thing done, that means that I now have to go through damn near every photo I’ve taken in 2006, which as of the last count is approximately 1,100 of the damn things.

Well, I guess I know what I’m spending some of my holiday doing.

cromwell’s nightmare

If you weren’t seeing New Model Army at DNA Lounge tonight, I can pretty much guarantee that you weren’t having as good an evening as Miranda, Shauna and I were.

“There’s six hundred and thirty-three people in the world who’ve ever heard of this band, so I guess we’re all in this together.” — Justin Sullivan

High points: Lights Go Out, Space, The Hunt, Vagabonds, a new track that I didn’t catch the name of. Even better: an actual mosh pit breaking out in the audience, something that was sadly missing the last time I saw them. (Best of all: since the average age of their fans is, ah, a touch older these days, the pit was well-mannered enough that several women were able to join in without incident.)

Pictures tomorrow if any of them came out.

fearful symmetry

Well, it’s finally happened. The sheer amount of spam that my mail server gets has reached the point where not only is the spam itself nearly overwhelming my network bandwidth, but all of the clever anti-spam crap I run on the server is crushing the CPU.

I’m working on a New Clever Trick to deal with this, but mail to and from my domains (,, etc) is going to be kinda crappily slow for the next few days at least, as will access to any of the websites hosted there.

Even better, Gmail has apparently decided that my server is a spam source, so all mail from my users to gmail accounts is getting tagged as spam. Luckily, I can personally harrasss the anti-spam team there, so that might get resolved sooner.

Remember: kneecapping spammers is the holiday gift that keeps on giving.

gotta lay off the sauce

Okay, I obviously totally overindulged myself last night. I didn’t think I’d drunk too much, but I had these absoltuely amazing, completely vivid, totally fucked up dreams, which is always a good sign that I’ve had a few too many.

The dreams were intensely surreal. Like, check this out: I dreamt that the democratic party — OUR democratic party, mind you, the one that Howard Dean runs, not the normal dreamtime Democratic Party that’s run by a triumvirate of FDR, Corazon Aquino and Salma Hayek — took back the house by gaining like 30 seats in a single election. And right before the alarm went off and I woke up, it seemed like we were pretty close to taking the senate too.

Weird, I know. But in the dream it was totally plausible: it was one of those full-color jobs where you absolutely think you’re awake. I even posted to livejournal in my dream, which makes me an incredible nerd.

No more booze on a weeknight for me, I think. I can’t handle that level of weirdness in my own head.

So, right. while I go search for my coffee, who’d Bush declare war on today, and how many Democrats voted for it? I like to get the day’s bad news out of the way early, so don’t let me down easy, I’m a big boy.

putting a name on it

(okay, I lied. One more post tonight.)

1994 was, by popular acclaim, the “Republican Revolution”. What have we witnessed tonight?

Even assuming the GOP takes Montana and Virginia, I believe that the following is true:

Number of Democratic congressional seats lost: zero
Number of formerly-Democratic open congressional seats lost: zero
Number of Democratic gubernatorial seats lost: zero
Number of formerly-Democratic gubernatorial seats lost: zero

I invite corrections, but to the best of my knowledge, this has never happened in an election in this country before.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you all to: The Great Shut-Out of 2006.

this one’s for you, Harris Wofford

Maybe more to say tomorrow, but for now? Even if we don’t take the Senate (and I kinda doubt we will), of all of the various races in the country, not a single one is as sweet as this:

Say goodbye to…

…the frothy mixture.

And don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, you pompous, ignorant, supercilious, inbred peckerwood.