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A few weeks ago, I did something a little embarrassing: I became the last person in north america to buy a PS/2, and I did it primarily so that I could play Guitar Hero.

That’s kind of sad, and since the PS2 has been out for nearly 5 years now, there are several hundred if not thousand other games available for the platform. Many of them are in the $5-15 bargain bin.

I put it to my well-informed friends: which ones should I buy?

Some calibration:

— I’m already embarrassed enough about having bought the custom controller for Guitar Hero; there will be no more of that. It should be playable with the standard DualShock.

— (Probably) No RPGs, no RTSs, no Fighters. I know Final Fantasy XVIIEXIDFASDFASDF is the bees’ knees, and that Age of Empires is brilliant, but most of them leave me cold. Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast is the only arena fighting game I’ve ever enjoyed.

— First-person shooters on consoles are an abomination.

— Really good design makes me weep with joy. Some games that have done that in the past: Crazi Taxi. GTA3. Soul Calibur. Tempest. Robotron. Dungeon Master II. Zork II. Half-Life. Team Fortress Classic.

Recommend away, please!

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Katamari Damacy - it's designed for the PS/2. It's completely insane. It's none of the things you said you don't like. It's all about rolling things up into a big katamari (ball) while the King of All Cosmos heckles you. And man is he ever a big queen.

And if that suits you and you want more, there's always the sequel - We Love Katamari