…that strange sensation…

Everyone, I’m told, has this dream: you’re doing something innocuous, maybe chatting with friends, maybe eating lunch, and then suddenly…

…you remember…

…it’s the last day of the semester, and you still haven’t done any of the reading for any of your classes!

…you were supposed to start your new job last week, but you forgot!

…you left the oven on!

And then it’s a mad panic and running and scrambling to make up for lost time, only you can’t even get to your car or the subway or the library because the ground keeps moving under your feet, and now you’re more late and more lost and if you’re me this is usually the part where you wake up thinking that this shouldn’t count as sleep because it sure as hell isn’t restful.

And really, that’s been my last three months. Only awake. Chatting with my coworkers, having a beer at Zeitgeist, going to a party… it’s all great fun, but there’s a little nagging sensation in the back of my mind: you forgot something. And if I listen to it, it tells me: you forgot your entire life. It’s not here. It’s somewhere else. And then the axis of the world goes all wobbly for a while. It’s a strange sensation, dancing between eigenstates, neither fully here nor fully there. Disorienting, terrifying, exhilarating and thrilling.

But as a wise flower once noted, you can’t drink possible beers. So tomorrow morning, I fly back to New York, and then on the 26th the movers come.

It’s time to open the box and see how the cat is doing.

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