boo. yeah.

25 miles, 2.5 hours (plus 30 minutes on BART), 20 ounces of water, two energy bars, one of the single nastiest things I’ve ever put in my mouth (seriously, imagine a fruit roll-up lightly seasoned with ground aspirin) and a very long shower in the work gym later… I don’t know if I’ll accomplish any actual work today, but I certainly feel accomplished. Not bad for my first ride since October 05.

Observation: several friends of mine have described the south bay (and specifically the areas immediately adjacent to US 101) as “a shithole”. Silly me, I thought they were being figurative. Ha ha ha, no: at least 2 miles of the bike path was immediately adjacent to an open sewer, and the mile of trail after that was, in fact, covered in horse manure. I was reminded of nothing so much as walking through outer Siem Reap, Cambodia — and was very glad that it was a cool, overcast morning. Even so, inhaling was a dicey business for a while.

At just shy of three hours end-to-end, I probably couldn’t do this every day, but 2 or 3 times a week might just be doable.

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