Law Day

As part of his ongoing campaign to try to straddle both sides of an issue that both his reactionary base and the loyal opposition loathe his stances on, our beloved president has decided to studiously ignore the massive protests around the country today, and has instead issued a press release commemorating May 1st as… wait for it… Law Day.

Now, this isn’t quite as much of a non-sequitor as it seems: Law Day is an actual day, and really is celebrated the first week of May. It’s probably a safe bet that this press release was in the pipeline and ready to go months ago. Still, as an expression of political tone-deafness, this is pretty much par for this administration.

But hey, they want to talk about Law today? Fine, I’m down, because I’m always happy for an excuse to pimp one of my favorite pieces of overlooked political writing in this country’s history: Jimmy Carter’s Law Day speech.

Those of you who made it all the way through Hunter Thompson’s “The Great Shark Hunt” probably remember this. The rest of you… should take a few minutes out of your day and read it. It’s a lovely little jaunt back to an era when we expected our politicians to grapple seriously and honestly with the gap between this country’s promise and its reality, rather than treating the former as a photo opportunity and the latter as something to be cordoned off and ignored.

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