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a small note from Terminal 3 at JFK

Delta’s departure lounge is still playing christmas carols on the public address system.

That’s a death-penalty offense after 1am on December 26th, right?

Ab hoc vinere domum tuum.


I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!

Smile for the camera!

That would be my apartment. Specifically, my bedroom window. For which I am about to go buy substantially thicker drapes. You can probably find yours too if you live in a major metropolitan area. (Hint: the compass points are clickable and will cycle through differently angled exposures.)

Remember please: this is publicly available, civilian-cleared imagery.

Once upon a time, paranoiacs used to wear tinfoil hats to keep the satellite from reading their minds. Now suddenly I’m thinking of erecting a tinfoil awning over my entire BLOCK.