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p.s. I’m alive.

Just a quick note: Hi. I live. Sorta. Work has been pegging the crazy meter for the last 3 weeks straight (and was edging up into the red zone as far back as June, really) — I’m pretty sure that Baitcon was the last non-working weekend I’ve had, and I’d have to sit down and think to remember when my last <10-hour day in the office was.

So if I’ve ignored your email, failed to return your phone call, or said nothing in response to that brilliant blog post of yours in the last few weeks… my apologies, it’s nothing personal. If all goes well, I’ll be re-emerging into polite society sometime around Labor day. If all doesn’t go well, I’m sure I (and for that matter the rest of my team at work) will have plenty of time to browse the Internets as we collect our unemployment benefits.

(Don’t worry about my employment situation: it’s a joke. Mostly. I hope. Luckily, I’m not just good under pressure, I’m great. I tan i epi tas, baby.)