helpful hints

So, having been up until 1:30am last night dealing with three different sets of police officers and the insurance company, I have a few small tips for those of you living as-yet-unburgled lifestyles:

1. Serial numbers. Get a pen. And a piece of paper. Write down the make and model names, but most importantly the serial numbers for anything even remotely valuable. Make several copies of this piece of paper.

2. Photographs. Put a white sheet down on your bed. Arrange all of your valuable jewelry on it. Now take photographs of all of them. Stash the photos.

3. Your locks probably suck. If they aren’t Medecos or Smith+Wesson, they can probably be picked in under a minute, or duplicate keys ordered over the internet. Even if they are difficult to pick, your door can be forced with a crowbar. Get a real lock and a support bar.


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