Sheesh, You People™

So last night, and I made a thermos full of hot chocolate and spent the evening out in Inwood Hill Park, watching the eclipse. It was lovely. On the way back to our apartment, we found a gaggle of our neighbors parked on the corner of 207th and Seaman, doing the same thing, only with binoculars and cameras. We hung around and chatted. A nice moment.

In the fifteen minutes between getting back home and collapsing into bed, I had a moderately funny thought about a zombie Babe Ruth, so I opened up the laptop and blogged it. Then: sweet unconsciousness.

This morning, I woke up well-rested and sauntered into the office far closer to on-time than I normally do. First things first: open up the news sites. Whaddya know, the Sox won. Yay, I think to myself, I can finally start having conversations with 80% of my friends that will not involve baseball again.

Then, I check my mail.

Thirty comments on the Zombie Babe Ruth post, including play-by-play commentary on the last few innings. Obviously I had some karmic debt to pay off here.

I love you guys dearly. And I am very happy for you. But y’all are freaky. Just sayin.

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