put down that pickle, Roccoco…

Walking over to the Loews 34th Street cinema last night in order to go see “Shaun of the Dead” with a bunch of the usual miscreants, Miranda and I were stopped in our tracks… well, I was stopped in my tracks, and Miranda put up with the delay, by a truly weird sight:

Nick Danger? Nick Danger? That can’t be…Nick Danger, Third Eye…can it?

My first thought: someone had finally put together the money to make a feature-length Firesign Theatre film. But that would be insane, not to mention unlikely. Plus, there’s that disurbing URL: Wear Nick Danger? Huh?

Well, it turns out that this “Nick Danger” is a line of… and I emphasize that I am not making this up… really ugly retro-70s argyle sweaters. Oh well, I guess it’s about the right era…

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