trivia question for the whole family

Question: what is in my mouth right now?

Answer: A bagel, motherfuckers. And it is the best bagel ever, by virtue of being the one that’s in my mouth right now.

Yes, we’re back. Touched down at JFK around noonish, and breezed through customs without so much as a raised eyebrow. (Damn, shoulda tried to smuggle some mangosteens in.)

I am now happily sitting on my couch and catching up on about a million years of internet stuff, and enjoying (if that’s the word) the head-swimmy sensation of 13 hours of jet lag filtered through 22 noncontiguous hours in coach class. Holy god am I looking forward to not taking any form of transit any more complex than the A train any further than 42nd Street for a few days.

Last trip stories once I can focus a little bit.

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HA! I got it right!

I've quite enjoyed reading your travelogue (or should that be "traveblog"? "travelog"? Maybe "travelblog" just to have the "lbl" consonant mash. However, please forgive me for not wanting to follow in your footsteps. Humidity, sunlight and crowds are the devil for this cold-adapted albino dwarf.