the glass teat, Mekong-style… (Mekong Delta,pt 2)

Before I was so rudely interrupted by my digestive system and my overpowering need for sleep…

When last we left our hero and heroine, they were about to retire for the evening in their hotel in Cantho. But one last obstacle remained: the requisite inspection of the local television options.

Oh. My. Dear. Lord.

We have positively identified the bottom end of the televised entertainment spectrum, and it is pretty conclusively located in far-southern vietnam. The TV options in Cantho consisted of:

1. Televised speeches by Vietnamese Communist Party officials, every single last one of whom looks exactly like Kim Il Sung. (So much so that it took us a little bit of watching to determine that we were not, in fact, watching an old speech of Kim Il Sung’s.)

2. Japanese costume samurai dramas, dubbed in Vietnamese. Or rather, dubbed by a Vietnamese, as every character’s voice, male and female alike was dubbed by the same woman, apparently an honors graduate of the People’s Glorious Institute for Monotonous Diction. The original Japanese soundtrack was semi-audible underneath the dubbing, and while the samurai and their enemies and lovers all were wailing and shouting, the overdubber calmly read off the lines in a manner that managed to convey profound distaste combined with near-fatal ennui.

3. A Korean (we think) Dragonball-Z clone cartoon…also dubbed by the same woman.

After about ten minutes of being amused by this, we called it a night.

(continuing in another post lest this very spyware-infested computer running win98 decide to spontaneously combust)

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