so close we can taste it…

Greetings from the spotless halls of Singapore’s Changi Airport.

After approximately 10,438,377 hours in the air, we’ve touched down on the far side of the world, and have 2 hours in which to stretch our legs before catching our connector flight to Ho Chi Minh City.

I’d completely forgotten that Singapore Air connects all of its flights through Frankfurt, so after six rather uncomfortable hours on the plane, we were dumped unceremoniously into Germany for an hour while the plane was cleaned and the crew changed out. The only thing worthy of note there: the graffiti in the Frankfurt terminal’s mens’ room, which was a microcosm of multiethnic Europe: “Suck my dick” was rendered in at least five languages that I could count (including Japanese, annotated in English for anyone who didn’t get it), along with “Vive Argentina!”, “I love Iran”, “Freedom for the Basque Nations” and, just in case you’d forgotten that you were in Germany, “TOT ALLEN JUDEN” carved in big letters on the inside of the stall door. Hm, maybe Singapore’s policy of beating vandals senseless has something to recommend it after all.

(No, sadly I am not making this up.)

Changi has already provided one noteworthy experience: “Frozen Dragon Beard Candy”, which is an (allegedly ancient) Chinese confection made out of spun sugar around what appears to be almost paste. I’ll be bringing some of this home on the return trip, I think.

Okay, time to haul myself off to find more coffee. More (and hopefully more interesting) later.

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