all the news that fits…

Okay, perhaps I was too hasty. After all, I’ve worked in the news biz myself, and I know that the morning headline choice can be a dicey business: you’ve got a lot of stories to choose from, each of which represents hard labor by one or more people who have a lot invested in the lead spot. Sometimes you just blow it and make the wrong choice. Nothing to get upset over: you dust off, accept a few ribbing emails from your competitors, and fix it in the afternoon edition.

Right? Right?

Well, maybe not…

The New York Times:

The Washington Post:

The BBC News Online:

The Wall Street Journal:


And for a point of comparison, here’s Fox News, the unabashed GOP booster and administration mouthpiece:

Now admittedly it’s a bit of a tossup which story in that layout is the “lead,” but it seem to me fairly visually obvious that the big center block represents the breaking story, while the left block is “Ongoing Convention Coverage Which of Course We’re Flogging Mercilessly Because Otherwise Rupert Would Feed Us to the Alligators.”


(Incidentally, if anyone could refresh my memory as to whether CNN did this during the Democratic convention, I would be most appreciative.)

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