stop me before I edit again!

I blame for this. As if I needed another online timesink.

You may, or may not, be aware of the existence of the WikiPedia. Basically, it’s an online encyclopedia that’s entirely volunteer-maintained, and anyone can contribute, either by editing existing articles, or adding new ones yourself. For a completely ad-hoc project, it’s been stunningly successful: it’s now got more information available than the Encyclopedia Britannica, and it covers a much wider range of subjects, including such esoterica as the history of the heavy metal umlaut.

Well, the people behind the Wikipedia have another, so far smaller project: a Wiki Travel Guide.

You see where this is leading of course.

I’ve lost a fair number of what could otherwise have been productive hours today and yesterday trying desperately to make their New York City page not suck quite so egregiously. I’m thinking that some friends of mine could probably help. I’m looking at you, , and you and very much especially you, .

…and I’m thinking might want to take a whack at their Bangkok page.

Oh well, who needs a profitable career anyway?

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