everything old is new again. again. again. again.

For the last few days, I’ve been getting rather a lot of pump-and-dump stock spam in my inbox. Now, to put it mildly, this is not in and of itself an unusual event. Heck, it’s more of a “water still wet, earth still round” kind of event. But what makes it amusing for me, and for, I suspect, a very small subset of my readers here, is the name of the company being hyped: American Resource Management, Inc.

Well, okay, actually the name itself is boring. But! Like any company with publically tradeable stock, American Resource Management, Inc., has a four-letter stock ticker symbol. And that symbol is: ARMM. And they mention it, prominently, in the subject line of the spams.

Which means that when I open up my inbox, I see, staring right at me:


And I have to ask myself: where is Richard DePew, anyway?

(For the three people who are reading this and either laughing or shuddering: You’re welcome. For the rest of you, I say: ARMM! ARMM! ARMM! ARMM!)

(p.s. Why yes, I am alive and ticking. I have a new job. It’s keeping me busy. Details when I unbusy a bit.)

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