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Today I am 100,000 years old.

(…in binary.)

If you’re inclined, do feel free to join me, , , , and a small cast of others tonight in a celebratory drink at Ike from 7:30pm until whenever they kick us out or we move on to another venue.

Happy birthday also to: , Hurricane Kari, Kate Bush and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

stop me before I edit again!

I blame for this. As if I needed another online timesink.

You may, or may not, be aware of the existence of the WikiPedia. Basically, it’s an online encyclopedia that’s entirely volunteer-maintained, and anyone can contribute, either by editing existing articles, or adding new ones yourself. For a completely ad-hoc project, it’s been stunningly successful: it’s now got more information available than the Encyclopedia Britannica, and it covers a much wider range of subjects, including such esoterica as the history of the heavy metal umlaut.

Well, the people behind the Wikipedia have another, so far smaller project: a Wiki Travel Guide.

You see where this is leading of course.

I’ve lost a fair number of what could otherwise have been productive hours today and yesterday trying desperately to make their New York City page not suck quite so egregiously. I’m thinking that some friends of mine could probably help. I’m looking at you, , and you and very much especially you, .

…and I’m thinking might want to take a whack at their Bangkok page.

Oh well, who needs a profitable career anyway?

everything old is new again. again. again. again.

For the last few days, I’ve been getting rather a lot of pump-and-dump stock spam in my inbox. Now, to put it mildly, this is not in and of itself an unusual event. Heck, it’s more of a “water still wet, earth still round” kind of event. But what makes it amusing for me, and for, I suspect, a very small subset of my readers here, is the name of the company being hyped: American Resource Management, Inc.

Well, okay, actually the name itself is boring. But! Like any company with publically tradeable stock, American Resource Management, Inc., has a four-letter stock ticker symbol. And that symbol is: ARMM. And they mention it, prominently, in the subject line of the spams.

Which means that when I open up my inbox, I see, staring right at me:


And I have to ask myself: where is Richard DePew, anyway?

(For the three people who are reading this and either laughing or shuddering: You’re welcome. For the rest of you, I say: ARMM! ARMM! ARMM! ARMM!)

(p.s. Why yes, I am alive and ticking. I have a new job. It’s keeping me busy. Details when I unbusy a bit.)

Stand Up and Be Counted

This is really just the best thing ever (this week). Nominally, it’s a small tweak to the nose of Donald Wildmon and the American Family Association’s anti-gay-marriage campaign, but really it’s just a chance for FleshBot‘s graphics guy to put together a great banner image.

It is, ever so slightly non-worksafe, so the shoulder-surfable should wait until an opportune moment before clicking…

national ass-fucking week!
(Click on the image for explanations, context, etc…)

somewhere in the middle of nowhere

For a pierced, purple-haired freakazoid, I’ve done… well, not by any stretch of the imagination a lot of business travel, but certainly some, which probably qualifies as more than you’d expect.

By and large, I haven’t minded it much. Sure, there was the time I got stuck at the Days Inn Milpitas (“Not the armpit of silicon valley, but you can smell it from here!”), but all it took to escape from that was 10 minutes on my laptop screaming “someone, anyone, let me crash on your couch!” and lo 2 hours later I was enjoying excellent company. Other than that: someone else pays for me to fly somewhere? Cool! Fun!

I have learned something important, yet horribly obvious tonight: yeah, of course business travel is fun when you keep getting sent, over and over again, to the places where half your friends live. All of those salarymen shuttling back and forth and bitching about it? Well, actually they might be onto something.

Which is not to say that Denver isn’t kinda pretty or that I wasn’t able to find anything decent to eat tonight — it is and Sonadas is pretty decent sushi for a random walk-in restaurant nowhere near an ocean — but there’s something ineffably depressing about wandering around a rapidly emptying-out downtown area, watching the local couples dart in and out of bars, realizing that just about every likely scenario for generating any fun this evening is basically logistically impossible.

I know, I know, world’s smallest violin, playing just for me.

Oh, one small amusing story: per ‘s recommendation, I ducked into The Tattered Cover, which is in fact a pretty kickass bookstore. As it happened, Senator Gary Hart was giving a reading tonight from his new book. The reading was in a big room in back, and I was too intent on finding reading material and then finding dinner to even consider stopping in to listen, but as I wandered past it, I was treated to a somewhat unexpected bit of shouting:

You must not listen to this man! He is not what he seems! We need to return to a constitutional government!
I expected some wild-eyed Michigan Milita type to be escorted out by the secret service immediately, but all that happened was that a few seconds later, a man who looked nothing so much like a gay Chelsea jogger stalked out of the reading room with an annoyed scowl on his face, and the reading continued without missing a beat.

More later.

things to do in Denver when you’re (insert joke here)

Oops. I almost completely forgot: I’m going to be in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado between tomorrow afternoon and Friday morning this week.

I’ll be spending most of Thursday doing business-y stuff, but the rest of the time is pretty much uncommitted. This will be my first ever visit to… well… really anything east of Las Vegas and west of Chicago. Anything I should do in my few precious hours of uncommitted time out there?