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For the “benefit” of whatever person will succeed me at my current job, I’m assembling a list of questions that will be presented as a quiz to all applicants. Basically, the idea here is that if you really are a 5-to-7-year UNIX sysadmin, you should probably know a lot of this stuff off the top of your head.

  1. On a Sun Solaris system, how do you promote an NIS client to an NIS slave server?

  2. On Sun Solaris, how do you create a central mail relay smarthost without changing the sendmail configuration on any other machine?

  3. On Sun Solaris, how do you change the order of name resolution between DNS, NIS and the local hosts file?

  4. (Followup) How might you do this on a system that doesn’t support the Sun/SVR4 method?

  5. On Sun Solaris, how do you reset all network-related configuration information?

  6. How do you non-destructively reset the root password on a Sun server who’s root pw has been lost? Assume that you have Solaris installation media.

  7. On Red Hat Linux, how do you assign a static address to an interface which is currently assigned an address by DHCP?

I solicit from my geeky friends: got any other questions that you think should be asked? Think that any of these questions are horribly unfair?

N.B.: I’m looking for questions that can be answered, definitively, by a series of steps/commands. More open-ended stuff like “describe some key differences between FreeBSD and Solaris” is, to my mind, more suited to the actual in-person interview itself.

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